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Our Journey and Mission


Our Journey and Mission

Almasi Knives started with a mission: To take an art that was once only available to those with decades of smithing mastery - and make it available to the world.

We believe in a world where tools are made with care, attention and love - not with machines in mass-produced factories. Where they are heirlooms to be carried down from generation to generation.

That's why we endeavoured to bring you Almasi Knives - handcrafted multi-purpose chef's knives that are the culmination of years of ancient smithing technique, refined and perfected over generations.

Our forge is where the magic happens. Master blacksmiths with over 30 years of experience work tirelessly to produce our knives, from smelting, to hammering, to quenching, to sharpening.

Our aim is to bring real handmade quality knives to the world, at a price accessible to everyone, from home cooks to professional chefs. Discover why everyone is talking about Almasi Knives.